In our work, we strive to use the language of architecture to express concepts that are relevant to our clients, their needs and programs.

We work closely with our clients and end users to ensure a design process that is disciplined in relevant to program and budget.

Case Studies

La Casa Permanent Supportive Housing

March 2020

This publication documents how the Studio Twenty Seven Architecture | Leo A Daly team designed La Casa to inspire pride and a sense of community membership in its residents. It is a building that leverages the power of spatial autonomy with the context of a secure, supportive environment to encourage the rehabilitation of its residents. Not quite an apartment building, nor a dorm or shelter, La Casa is a new typology for housing the homeless. Fragment is an episodic publication of Studio Twenty Seven Architecture. Each issue is dedicated to a singular idea, project, or element associated with the Art of Architecture published to foster future dialogues on architecture.…Keep Reading

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