Gallaudet University STM Renovation and Expansion

Process—————23 January 2015

Located on the third and fourth floors of the Hall Memorial Building, the Gallaudet University Science, Technology, and Mathematics programs are gaining state-of-the art laboratories and education spaces as a result of renovations.  The Psychology Department will also receive a new home as part of this overall improvement project.  A new centrally located student commons/collaboration space is being constructed on the third floor, with a two story communicating stair to more directly connect this new program hub.  An enclosed rooftop link will join previously separate building wings and overlook a new green roof area as well as open to a roof terrace.  The student commons will encourage collaboration from multiple programs, emphasizing the interdisciplinary vision of the STM program.  

The mission of the Department of Science Technology and Mathematics (STM) at Gallaudet University is to prepare students to be educators, researchers, professionals and role models who make significant contributions to STM knowledge and society, particularly in promoting understanding and relationships across the STM disciplines in a bilingual, visual environment.  Our design team is collaborating with the STM leadership and researchers on full scale biology and chemistry laboratory mock-up rooms to test teaching methods and equipment requirements.  In addition to state-of-the-art laboratories, each space will achieve universal design within a deaf-space learning environment.  A wide variation of laboratory layouts have been explored to achieve optimal teaching sightlines, as well as laboratory bench shapes and heights to accommodate space needs and the physiometry of deaf-space professor-student  teaching relationships. For large public commons, the S27 team also prepared large format models and detailed renderings to more effectively communicate design intentions and to achieve shared imaginations of spaces.  

In order to make way for the STM renovation and expansion, S27 is working with Gallaudet University and project management team of Savllis-Studley to renovate portions of College Hall and Peet Hall to relocate the Provost’s Office, Gallaudet Interpreting Services, and the Office of Academic Quality.  

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