Studio 27 Celebrates Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson, NJ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

News—————9 July 2024

Studio 27 is thrilled to announce we’ve reached the finish line on the transformation of a vacant manufacturing site into a progressive new K-8 campus. On June 5, 2024, Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson celebrated this momentous occasion with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Paterson, New Jersey. This event marked the official opening of the school’s first new academic building that brings the entire school community – previously dispersed across three separate locations – under one roof.

The ceremony was attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including local and state government officials, community leaders, educators, parents, and students. The atmosphere was festive, and the excitement palpable, as attendees gathered to witness this significant milestone. Several dignitaries took to the podium, including New Jersey General Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter, born and raised in Paterson, who praised the school for its role in enhancing educational opportunities in the city. Ms. Sumter emphasized the importance of education in driving economic development and improving quality of life in the city of Paterson, and commended Philip’s Academy for its vision, dedication, and tenacity.

Following the speeches, the ribbon cutting itself was a moment of great celebration. With school leaders, students, the mayor, and other key figures at the forefront, the ribbon was cut amid cheers and applause. This symbolic act officially opened the doors of Philip’s Academy, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the educational landscape of Paterson.

Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson is set to be a beacon of learning and growth in Paterson, promising to make a lasting impact on the lives of its students and the broader community. The ribbon cutting ceremony was not just the opening of a school, but a celebration of hope, opportunity, and a brighter future for all involved.

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