Fire Island Residence

Fire Island Residence

Date: 2011 – 2014
Area: 29,192 ft² / 2,728 m²

The Pines, Fire Island, NY

Fire Island is a summer beach house in the resort community of the Pines on Fire Island, New York. The typology of the homes in the Pines is recognizable to anyone who has visited an east coast shoreline resort town – a builder-driven typology that reflects the pragmatism of these coastal communities and their inhabitants. The good sense practicality that allows these homes to be built affordably almost always overtakes the inherent liveliness and natural spirit of the place and creates structures that are dull and predictable.

Awards | Press

2007 AIA Virginia Society, Excellence in Architecture
2011 Residential Design, Hong Kong 2011
2011 150+ Residences in the World, Wuhan, China
2011 Great Wisdom in Small Space, Wuhan, China
2011 Architecture BOIS & de’pendance, France
2011 The Atlas of Living Décor, China,
2011 Home Feature, Australia
2011 Luxury Home Quarterly
2011 The Home Magazine, Bulgaria
2011 Domus Magazine, Ukraine
2011 Front Row, Jordan
2010 Fine & Pure, China
2010 Saihan Cultural Magazine, China
2010 Home & Design, Summer
2008 Custom Home, September/October

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Studio Twenty Seven Architecture Fire Island entry

This house inserts some of the ‘spirit of the shore’ into a ‘Yankee thriftiness’ residential typology. Common details and materials remain, but the volume of the house is expressed as a skin rather than a box-like container. The skin keeps the heat in.

Fire Island Studio Twenty Seven Architecture
Fire Island Studio Twenty Seven Architecture
Fire Island Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

Over time, woven cedar boards will assume the same patina as neighboring houses.

Fire Island Studio Twenty Seven Architecture