—————31 December 2011

The Studio publishes a book on Southwest DC entitled “(A)Mending L’Enfant’s Plan.” The two hundred fifteen-page illustrated publication provides a comprehensive history of urban development in this quadrant, from the introduction of L’Enfant’s plan in 1791 to the opening of Nationals’ Stadium in 2008. The document traces Studio TwentySeven Architecture’s research into the evolution of Southwest DC using the metaphor of Haute Couture (French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”). The book’s final chapter introduces specific architectural interventions to reconnect the quadrant to the rest of the city. Those new interventions include a ferry terminal along the mouth of the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and the return of Fort McNair to the public domain.

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Studio 27 celebrates source water protection at nearly completed Beaverdam Reservoir Park

12 April 2024

This innovative park is designed to celebrate source water protection. The buildings and landscape work together to highlight the flow of rainwater into the reservoir. The Goose Creek

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Green Roofs: Growing Possibilities of Sustainability

13 March 2024

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, the most of which are climate change. The construction and maintenance of buildings are responsible for over 40% of emissions currently. How we build

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Howard University School of Architecture Visit to Studio 27

22 November 2023

Written By: Keisha Wilson, USGBC LEED AP BD+C Howard University School of Architecture program is a fully accredited architecture program for both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and

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Construction is Underway on Reservoir Park at Beaverdam Reservoir

21 July 2023

Studio Twenty Seven Architecture is working with nationally recognized landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz to create a new park in Loudoun County, Virginia. The park is funded and constructed

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GeerHouse Construction Progress Phase 1

8 March 2023

This month marks the "topping out" of concrete work at Geerhouse. "Topping out" is a milestone in the construction process marking the completion of work at the highest level above grade. The

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