Date: 2020-2022
Area: 479,000 ft² / 44,500 m²

Geerhouse is located in the Foster and Geer Street Historic District. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013, the twenty eight acre district is comprised of thirty two buildings constructed between 1927 and 1963. The buildings reflect a light industrial typology commonly found in mid-size American cities at the time. Notable structures in the Historic District include the Uzzle Motor Company showroom at the corner of Geer and Rigsbee Streets.  The building now houses Motorco, a popular live music venue and cornerstone of the new Geerhouse development.

Studio Twenty Seven Architecture GeerHouse


GeerHouse is situated at the corner of Rigsbee Avenue and W. Geer Street and borders the existing Motorco – an entertainment, restaurant, outdoor dining and events space.


Studio Twenty Seven Architecture GeerHouse Durham NC


Becoming one of the trendiest cities in the southeast, downtown Durham is flanked by Duke University, historic neighborhoods and the Research Triangle Park tech hub. GeerHouse strives to enhance the cultural fabric of artisans, restaurants and the existing community, and with easy access to downtown Durham’s industrial hub, the iconic warehouses and factories are transformed into mixed-use amenities for thriving young professionals.